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Sheet Music?

PostPosted: Thu Jan 01, 2009 3:04 pm
by Ars_Nova_Chris
Happy new year all :mrgreen:

As a music major, I'd love to find out what M&P's related sheet music has been printed from the 60's till now.

I have 4 books myself, 2 from the 60's and 2 more modern books-

"The Mama's and the Papa's Souvenir Song Album" (Touch of Today No. 22 from Keys Pops Publications) - This is a book of songs from their first album, with four additional songs added in, presumably from circa Feb 1967, as on the cover it says "Featuring their latest recording - Dedicated to the One I Love". The other three non-first album songs included are the singles up until that point, "I Saw Her Again" "Words of Love" and "Look Through My Window". Absent are two songs from the first album, "I Call Your Name" and "Spanish Harlem", most likely due to publishing rights issues. It's a PVG book, definitely not intended for serious study. Most of the songs are keyed down for ease of singing, "Do You Wanna Dance", "You Baby" and "The In Crowd" are not transcribed from the M&P's versions, and the whole layout of the book is very haphazard. As a bonus though, there are several great full page pictures, most of which I've not seen anywhere else.

"The Mamas and the Papas Deliver" (Giant Music Mates No. 38, also from Keys Pops) - Basically, Keys Pops took the "Eyes and Ears" book described above, and then slapped on a new cover and added some new pictures and songs from the Deliver album. It has all the songs and pictures from the previous book along with the new material. The entire Deliver album is represented with the exceptions of "My Girl" and "Sing for Your Supper". Many songs are again in the wrong key, but are fairly accurate once transposed to the proper key. Actually a great book for what it is, as it contains transcriptions for songs that you're not likely to find anywhere else, such as "Did You Ever Want to Cry", "Free Advice", "Boys and Girls Together", "String Man", "Frustration" and even "John's Music Box"!

"The Mamas and the Papas" P/V/G (Universal Music Publishing Group, 1990) - The most common M&P's music book, and decent for a PVG book. The songs included are the same 16 that were selected for the first ever Mamas and the Papas cd issue that was mastered by Steve Hoffman in 1986 (unfortunately, the only truly excellent sounding M&P's CD issue). A few of the cover songs are still transcribed from versions not by the M&P's ("My Girl" and "I Call Your Name") and several songs are still written in the wrong key, but there are some great songs represented that you might have a hard time finding sheet music for elsewhere, including "Midnight Voyage" and "Glad to Be Unhappy".

"The Mamas and the Papas Guitar Songbook" (Universal Music Publishing [Warner Bros] 2000) - By far the best of the four books that I own, this is the only one that does the songs themselves any justice. Fairly accurate transcriptions in the correct keys all from the Mamas and Papas versions of the songs. This is the only book I've seen to include some of the background harmony vocals transcribed, and an attempt is made to accurately transcribe the actual guitar parts played in the songs with standard notation, guitar tablature and chord diagrams, unlike the PVG books which just have a decent usable arrangement of the songs for piano with inaccurate guitar voicing charts, not transcriptions of the actual piano or guitar parts played on the record. The only downside is the small number of songs included, but even this is almost made up for with the inclusion of "Dancing Bear" and "Safe In My Garden"! :D

There are some other books and sheets that I know to exist but do not own-

Full books-

"The Papas and the Mamas" - Another book from back in the 60's, presumably similar to the 60's album books described above. I remember back in the days of the Creeque Alley Yahoo Group, someone posted the lyrics to Meditation Mama that were printed in this book.

It's also probable that a book of this sort was published for the 2nd record, which for me would be amazing, as it's my favorite album of all time! :mrgreen:

Possibly other greatest hit collection type books?

Single sheets-

There are numerous sheets for all of the hits, as well as some for lesser charting singles ("Safe In My Garden", etc...)

John Phillips - Revolution On Vacation - A picture of this is shown in the Anthology box booklet

Michelle Phillips - No Love Today - I believe I've seen a picture of this as well

Not sure about this, but it seems like there may have been a sheet for the Smoothies "Ride, Ride, Ride" based on this listing from the US Copyright office: "Ride, ride, ride. w & m Johnny Phillips, new piano arr. by Northern Music Corporation. Registration Number / Date: RE0000413158 / 1988-12-23 Renewal registration for: EP0000148450 / 1960-11-28" If this isn't for sheet music, then I have no idea what it is.

Same thing goes for "Softly": "Softly. w & m Johnny Phillips, new piano arr. Champion Music Corporation. Registration Number / Date: RE0000413054 / 1988-12-23 Renewal registration for: EP0000143693 / 1960-08-10"

Does anybody have these?

Does anybody have or know of any others?

At some point in my life, I do plan to transcribe complete scores for most M&P's related material, if only even for personal use. The scope of this undertaking, however, is immense and it will take many, many years. I have started work on one score, for the Smoothies "Lonely Boy and Pretty Girl", but due to the nature of the mixes and arrangements and the quality of the recordings, separating each instrument and voice can be difficult, if not impossible in some cases. I've worked out the chords to several others, and even that alone can be quite difficult in the case of songs such as "Trip, Stumble and Fall" and "Once Was a Time I Thought", but certainly not impossible.


Re: Sheet Music?

PostPosted: Thu Jan 01, 2009 11:22 pm
by dunhill

I know that there is sheet music for most of Cass' singles, even The Costume Ball. They are not too hard to find on eBay.

I own the following songbooks that you have not listed:

The Journeymen
James Hendricks
The Anthology of The Mamas & The Papas based on A Gathering Of Flowers (best, IMHO)

And the following sheet music:

The Halifax Three - The Man Who Wouldn't Sing Along With Mitch
Denny Doherty - You'll Never Know (quite rare!)

I bet Richard knows of more. Let's hope he weighs in on this topic!


Re: Sheet Music?

PostPosted: Mon Jan 05, 2009 7:42 am
by Rbcsoup
The pumpkin colored covered Anthology Songbook that Charles mentioned is the best IMHO also. I think Dancing Bear is a rare sheet music piece. Some of the group's hits and Cass' hits had different covers/photos printed in the UK and Australia (I don't know if the music/score is different but that is doubtful). I have a xerox of SOFTLY by JOHNNY PHILLIPS from The Library of Congress -- I can make you a copy, Chris. Also, I think RIDE RIDE RIDE is in the Journeymen songbook but I would have to check. I have a songbook from Pufnstuf which has the music to DIFFERENT in it. There IS a Papas and Mamas songbook--harder to find and there was one done after the First Golden Era album. There is NOT one, to my knowledge done after the 2nd album. Some of the first songbooks you mentioned added "WORDS OF LOVE" to their contents in later printings. This is all I can think of right now.


Re: Sheet Music?

PostPosted: Tue Jan 06, 2009 11:39 am
by Ars_Nova_Chris
Thanks for all the info, Charles and Richard! What songs are in the Anthology book that you mentioned? Anything that's not in the other books? Any idea how to go about finding that or the Papas and Mamas book? I would very greatly appreciate a copy of the Softly sheet, Richard, that would be incredibly cool.

Thanks again!

Re: Sheet Music?

PostPosted: Wed Jan 07, 2009 12:42 am
by pufnstuf
well that goes to say
i have variuos sheet music and i took these to my piano tutor and she tried to play them. i couldnt quite get why it didnt sound quite right. well for me some of the best piano playing i ever heard is on twelve thirty and mansions etc well all of the papas and mamas album. i would love to see a proper sheet music for 12.30

Re: Sheet Music?

PostPosted: Wed Mar 11, 2009 8:52 pm
by Ars_Nova_Chris
Arrgh, finally found a copy of the Anthology songbook on Ebay, and I was outbid at $35. Unfortunately anything more is beyond my price range right now... ... NA:US:1123

At least I know what songs are in it now, but now I want it even more, if only just for "Like An Old Time Movie", as the chords to that are proving to be a lot of work to transcribe... :|

Re: Sheet Music?

PostPosted: Wed Mar 11, 2009 9:55 pm
by dunhill

I don't know how to properly transcribe music, or I would do that for you. My copy of the Anthology songbook is mint and I would have to break the spine in order scan it for you, so that's not a good option for me. Maybe you can give me some pointers on transcribing and I'll give it a shot!

- Charles

Re: Sheet Music?

PostPosted: Thu Mar 12, 2009 11:35 am
by Ars_Nova_Chris
Just the chord names would be a huge boon :D

(Or, do ya have a digital camera? ;) )

Re: Sheet Music?

PostPosted: Fri Mar 13, 2009 6:15 am
by Rbcsoup
Worry not, the Anthology Songbook will turn up again soon, Chris. It is unusual but not crazy-rare.

You might even want to email the winning bidder--perhaps they only wanted the Dylan songbook?

Re: Sheet Music?

PostPosted: Sat Mar 14, 2009 6:50 pm
by dunhill
Ars_Nova_Chris wrote:Just the chord names would be a huge boon :D

Here goes:

Fmaj7 Em Am Em F

C Em F Am

A F D G Em

F C G Am

A F G Em Am Fmaj7

C G Dm Am C

F C Em Fmaj7 Am

Dm Am C C

- Charles