Don't call me Mama anymore tv special

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Don't call me Mama anymore tv special

Postby Richard » Sat Apr 11, 2020 10:28 am

Does anyone know the complete list of songs and sketches from Cass's 1973 tv special, and also the order in which they were transmitted. I think the length of the special is 53 minutes, 56 seconds. Is that correct,or is it longer than this? The songs performed that I've found are Don't call me Mama, Extraordinary, Hits medley, and Those were the days duet with Joel Grey. The other songs on the cd I don't think were in the tv special. Unless someone knows more about this. The sketches I've found are Introduction (so that must be at the start of the special!), Laurel and Hardy, Sketch with her mother,sketch with Joel Grey and The Cass Elliot story. Does anyone know if anything is missing here, or what order these songs and sketches were transmitted in. Thanks, Rich.
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