My Poem for Cass

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My Poem for Cass

Postby BabyImYoursCass » Sat Mar 28, 2009 3:41 pm

Hello everybody,

I thought I'd write a poem about Cass and post it. To begin with the poem wasn't going to be posted, but I thought it might as well. It's not as good as I had anticipated, but it's okay. I hope you like it and I hope she would have liked it too (and also that 'words of love' would win a girl's heart :P) Here it is:

That voice,
The one that runs through my blood,
Filling my soul with glee;
Slipping through me, travelling
Over that wonderful hum within me;
That voice,
Holds me down with powerful beats
Hugging me to the ground,
Pouring over me, creasing my mouth,
Into a soft smile caused only by sound;
That voice that holds such wonder
That warms my inner light
A feeling is born only from her
Her voice is holding me tight
She runs through me, as I lose
A sense of reality;
Tears of joy drowning, sweet,
Her voice was no normality
It’ll never escape from my mind –
I’ll never let it go;
That voice that breathes elegance
When it gets through me I let it flow
What is more, the voice’s within,
One of the most beautiful souls;
Even after death she rules my life
Her magical voice which controls,
Cass Elliot is one of the best
‘Dream of me’ leaves me in a soft slumber
I don’t want to seem repetitive,
But I have to say now that I love her!

Thank you for reading,

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Re: My Poem for Cass

Postby Nicole » Sun Mar 29, 2009 7:35 am

Hi Reuben,
Great poem! Nice use of images. It describes Cass perfectly!
Take Care,
Nicole :mrgreen:
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