The Road is No Place For A Lady! Finally Re-issue!

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The Road is No Place For A Lady! Finally Re-issue!

Postby Christopher60s » Sat Jun 27, 2009 10:36 am

That completelly shocked me!!!
Just read this!
This is a very special reissue for us at 'Collectors' Choice Music', and it's not just because we're restoring to availability some classic albums that have been gathering dust in the vaults (that's standard operating procedure around here)! No, it's also because, as Cass Elliot's daughter Owen put it to us, these albums were by far the most representative of her mother's artistic vision, as Cass, freed from the commercial strictures at ABC/Dunhill, the Mamas & Papas' old label, was given free reign by RCA to select her own repertoire and collaborators. The result was two absolute gems, both of which have been mysteriously absent from CD ('Cass Elliot' has been out of print for years, 'The Road', her final studio album, has never been on CD at all). Plus, we've added unreleased bonus tracks—a full portrait of an artist at the top of her game! Arranged and conducted by Benny Golson, 'Cass Elliot' includes 'I'll Be Home; Baby I'm Yours; Jesus Was a Cross Maker; That Song; When It Doesn't Work Out; I'll Be There; Disney Girls; I Think It's Going to Rain Today; Cherries Jubilee', and 'All in the Game', plus the bonus tracks 'East of the Sun (and West of the Moon); We'll See', and 'Try It Baby'. 'The Road', which features Chris Spedding on guitar among other luminaries, includes '(If You're Gonna) Break Another Heart; Saturday Suit; Does Anybody Love You; Walk Beside Me; All My Life; Say Hello; Who in the World; Love Was Not a Word; Oh Babe, What Would You Say; The Road Is No Place for a Lady', and the unreleased bonus track 'Don't Make Me a Memory'. Out July 14, with notes by Mama maven Richard Campbell!

Unbelievable huh? Finally it will see a daylight!
What a great news :)
Here's a picture also, of the cover.
Papa Chris.
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Re: The Road is No Place For A Lady! Finally Re-issue!

Postby Eran » Sat Jun 27, 2009 1:24 pm

Phew, is that smoking coming out of my keyboard?

Must be because I have NEVER placed an order for a CD so fast!

What amazing, mind blowingly fantastic news! And yes, this is me gushing because hey, if ever there were a gush-worthy occasion then this sure as hell is one!


Hat's off to all those involved in making this happen! You are all stars in your own right.


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Re: The Road is No Place For A Lady! Finally Re-issue!

Postby Drawer L » Sat Jul 11, 2009 9:07 pm

I'm SOOOO glad to see this!!--If course,I finally got around to doing a needledrop of 'Road'...LAST WEEK!!! :)
My only problem with Collectors Choice,is what they charge for postage....$6.98 for ONE CD!!!!--Sorry guys.It's only $1.50 to mail a CD with the jewel box.(About .75 without).That's why I get my CCM stuff either on Amazon,or wait till I come across a used one.Hell,I'm looking very foward to the three(!)-disc Jay & the Americans,as well as the double Gary Lewis.But I'm NOT paying them an extra $7.00 for postage.--That's why I still don't have the Rascals' remasters.
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Re: The Road is No Place For A Lady! Finally Re-issue!

Postby C. J. Tuminello » Sat Aug 01, 2009 1:15 pm

Hi Everyone! Been a long time! Do we know if "The Road" reissue has been remastered? I know that Owen talked about it awhile back. Hope everyone is well!
C. J. Tuminello
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Re: The Road is No Place For A Lady! Finally Re-issue!

Postby roger » Tue Aug 11, 2009 1:50 pm

Has anyone bought this yet? Was hoping to see some feedback on how it sounds. I am going to get it regardless but was hoping to find out from someone who already had it.
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Re: The Road is No Place For A Lady! Finally Re-issue!

Postby John H. » Tue Aug 11, 2009 3:06 pm

Roger - the cd's not out yet. August 25. I pre-ordered mine from DeepDiscount, stupidly, as I see it's now much cheaper at Amazon. :x Oh well, at least the shipping will be free.

I'm so excited to have this in my hands. I've been anticipating it, oh, about twelve years now (since I first became a Cass fan). So glad it's happening. Thank you x 1000 to Owen and Richard for helping to get this reissue out there. Very, very exciting and I'm so grateful to you two for keeping the Cass legacy alive.

If I may make one minor, minor grouse aimed at Collectors' Choice: what's up with the cover art? I say that not as a graphic design snob (which I can be at times), but as someone who always regrets when record labels make decisions that are bound to turn off the casual buyer. It's certainly not as pretty as all the other Cass reissues have been. (Hello -- the Dream a Little Dream Collection? Still gorgeous.)

Anyway, glad to be back on the forum to hear all this good news. All is love,

John H.
John H.
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