Cass' life if she hadn't died

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Cass' life if she hadn't died

Postby Brownjb81 » Wed Jul 29, 2009 3:27 pm

Do you ever wonder what Cass' life would've been like if she hadn't died? If anybody ever read the book, "Dream A Little Dream, The Life of Cass Elliot", and in the last chapter, it mentioned that she could have some interesting things with her career. For example, it was stated that at the time of her death she was already making plans to produce records for other artists, and was scheduled to work with Roberta Flack, who ironically had a song on the charts at the time of Cass' death called "Feel Like Making Love". It was also stated that she could have been a successful talk show host, she could have done movies, and she would have done broadway. I feel that she could have possibly been a game show host. Could she have also gone into politics? Who knows! I think that she could have been a much bigger star that she was, and the possibilities were endless, but we will never know. Even in death, Cass is a much bigger star no matter what.
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Re: Cass' life if she hadn't died

Postby Mark Lincoff » Tue Oct 06, 2009 4:28 am

We could speculate forever. Cass had a lot of untapped potential that could have led her in many directions. But here is my two cents' worth:

By the early 1990's Cass's weight would no longer be an issue, as she would have availed herself of one of the many surgical options for weight loss. She'd probably never be skinny-skinny; it really wouldn't suit her personality or her facial features. Chances are, she would settle into a comfortable but robust weight about 40 or 50 pounds over her "ideal" according to the medical charts.
She would probably have been a model for the Queen Latifahs and the Delta Burkes of the world, who -- although they lost a fair amount of weight -- learned to accept themselves as large women and moved on with life. In fact, we might have seen a clothing line for plus-sized women bearing Cass's name and endorsement -- probably featuring the bright primary colors and bold patterns she loved.

Most importantly, she would have long ago conquered Broadway. She may never have the opportunity to originate a role; that's no longer necessary to achieve success on the New York stage. Instead, she would have most likely given a bang-up star turn as Matron Mama Morton in "Chicago," and just may have have nudged Tyne Daly out of the leading role in the 1989 revival of "Gypsy." She would've been just about the right age to tackle Mama Rose, and certainly had the voice for the difficult Jule Styne score.

Of course, we'll never know.
Let's hope there are clothing designers and stage musicals where Cass is now. Something tells me she's having a great time performing for the audience of the ages.
Mark Lincoff
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Re: Cass' life if she hadn't died

Postby adamcarr » Thu Oct 08, 2009 9:56 pm

Well said Guys!! The possibilities are endless.
I just think that the world was a better place, just because Cass was in it. Where ever she is, I'm sure she smiling, singing, and grooving on all of us.
bet she never would of thought 35 years after her death she'd still be around.

Thats my 20 cent worth.
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