I got the Cass DVD at long last and ...Loved It !

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I got the Cass DVD at long last and ...Loved It !

Postby CassFanForLife » Fri May 21, 2010 7:24 am

Well, i had to wait a month before it got into my hands and once it did....I loved it !!! The only little crinkle I didn't really care for , were the backup singers on the show....the rest of it was pure entertainment from start to finish. The highlights I enjoyed most....

The beginning with the montage of all the photos of Cass from childhood-onwards
The sketch of of her and Buddy as blind patients- cute
Of course all the singing on her own and with her guests.
Cass playing the autoharp....

The tv commercials were funny, I don't remember seeing those ones ! But I remember the Dial soap's labeling back then !
I wish it was for 2 hrs...and it's a shame that the network at the time didn't pick up on having the show go on. I think it would of been successful.

Looking forward to any new Cass DVDs that may come about in future..and I hope there will be, and new CDs....
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