For those in the Michigan environs

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For those in the Michigan environs

Postby Rbcsoup » Thu Sep 09, 2010 5:35 am

Home cooking like mom's
JoMomma's Kitchen hits the spot at breakfast, lunch

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Only the snootiest of diners wouldn't smile at the name of Joanne Hill's new restaurant in Mt. Clemens.

It's called JoMomma's Kitchen, and its affordable breakfast and lunch menu features casual American fare, from omelets and French toast in the morning to sandwiches, salads and blue-plate specials at lunch.

Its motto is "food just like your momma used to make."

And it is, indeed, fresh and satisfying. But the feature that sets it apart is its growing art collection: a photo gallery of moms.

Guests who dine at JoMomma's 10 times are invited to bring in a photograph of a mom -- their own or a famous one -- to be displayed on the walls.

So far, the celebrity ones include Kitty Forman, June Cleaver, Marion Cunningham, Clair Huxtable, Carol Brady and Mama Cass, says Josh Hill, chief cook and son of the owner. But real moms' photos are on display, too.

One customer posted a photo of his mother in high school -- although she's in her 80s now. Another is a snapshot taken in the restaurant by a daughter who didn't tell her mother why they were making pictures that day. "She didn't know she was going to be on the wall," Hill says.

JoMomma's has been open only three months, so only 14 moms are displayed so far. But the real ones are already outnumbering the famous ones.

As for the food, it's all made from scratch, Josh Hill says. Some of his personal favorites are the breakfast specials, such as the cinnamon French toast made with cinnamon bread custom-baked for the café. It's topped with apple compote and caramel-rum sauce -- the same sauce he spoons over the house-made apple-bread pudding.

The 50-seat café, at 39 N. Main across from the Macomb County Courthouse, is open 8 a.m.-3 p.m. Monday-Friday and 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Sunday. (586-465-7500)
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