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Anything "new" on the horizon?

PostPosted: Mon Apr 11, 2011 6:26 pm
by Midnight Voyager
Wouldn't it be nice to know there may be something new to look forward to? Something that would likely spur a flurry of activity on this forum? It was very exciting to get Cass's last albums reissued on CD, as well as several CDs from the John Phillips estate. But what more can we reasonably and possibly expect?

I would love to have Cass's second TV special on DVD. Also, wasn't there mention of studio versions of all the songs that appeared on her live album? It's too bad that it's financially/legally improbable that all of her rare TV performances can't be culled on DVD or CD audios. She sang a lot of unique songs that are not represented on her albums.

Re: Anything "new" on the horizon?

PostPosted: Mon Apr 11, 2011 7:17 pm
by jcg

I'm so glad you've asked this question! I've practically begged for new release updates repeatedly throughout the last year and gave up in frustration recently when I got no response. There definitely is unreleased material, as mention has been made here of a possible expanded "Don't Call Me Mama Anymore" CD/DVD release a year or two back. However, no mention of it has since been made. I have absolutely no idea what economic condition needs to exist in order to trigger a re-release; I only know that Cass is absolutely an artist that deserves the attention. I await with high hopes and cautious expectations.

take care

Re: Anything "new" on the horizon?

PostPosted: Tue Apr 12, 2011 3:21 pm
by CassFanForLife
Hi MV & jcg :

Like you both, I would love nothing better than to see more Cass stuff becoming available on CD/DVD, and hopefully in time, perhaps, something will emerge.... until then, I'm quite content in what is currently available for us all to enjoy of Cass' gifts of her voice and spirit . We are blessed to have had Cass come into our lives when she did and for the legacy she left behind for us to remember her by :)