PBS Ultimate Anthology - Completely new remix of PLU

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PBS Ultimate Anthology - Completely new remix of PLU

Postby jimsatx » Mon Jan 09, 2017 12:59 pm

In case anyone hasn't heard of this one yet, there's a new collection that was put out as part of PBS pledge drive, called The Ultimate Anthology. Four discs with some rarities, including a completely new remix of the entire People Like Us album, which really brings out the vocals of Cass, making it seem more like a real Mamas and Papas album! Owen posted about it on Twitter a while back, otherwise I don't think I would have found it. The entire tracklisting is at the below website, and they give suggestions on where you can go to find the PBS pledges to order it. It was pretty pricey, but I'm really enjoying it. There are also some really cool DVDs available, but again....pretty pricey. I just looked at it like PBS was a good place to make a nice donation, and the CDs were just a perk!

https://theseconddisc.com/2016/08/exclu ... -outtakes/
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Re: PBS Ultimate Anthology - Completely new remix of PLU

Postby Papa J » Sun Jan 15, 2017 4:04 pm

Thanks so much, jimsatx for the information! Like you said, the DVDs and CDs are pricey, but they are probably worth it. I was excited to hear that the DVDs include all of the Mama Cass TV specials, the Ed Sullivan performances on one DVD and an updated "California Dreamin'" DVD with additional footage and apparently some full-length performances!
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Re: PBS Ultimate Anthology - Completely new remix of PLU

Postby davidasix » Sat Jul 15, 2017 2:10 pm

I splurged and got the full package from Alabama Public Television. It was nice to know some of the cost was a tax-deductible donation. I must say that the remixed and remastered People Like Us is phenomenal. I loved the original along with all the other works by the M&Ps. It is like all 4 of the Mamas and Papas taped a live performance of the original studio album. It is similar and different in ways that allow me to love both. I only wish there were more master tapes of the other studio recordings.

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