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More info on that CD I bought recently ...

PostPosted: Fri Jun 18, 2010 8:41 am
by CassFanForLife
Ok, here is the further details on that live mamas and papas cd I recently bought at the used record-cd shop I frequent:

It was put out in 1999 by Pegasus label, it was a compilation with these songs on it, and I'm certain now it was of the new Mamas and Papas, NOT the original...

These are the tracks :
California Dreamin
Creeque Alley
Dedicated ...Love
Dream A little...Me
Go Where...Go
I saw Her...Night
Monday Monday
Straight Shooter
Sunday Will Never Be The Same

And both front and back photos on CD leaflet are of the original M & P's.

CD was made in EC
Pegasus label is a division of Eagle Rock Entertainment PLC

I hope this helps and clarifies things. I just bought it and it was a used CD !