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This Precious Time

PostPosted: Wed Sep 01, 2010 9:48 am
by davidasix
This question is perhaps primarily for Richard, but others may know the answer. I have been listening to Barry McGuire's Dunhill album, This Precious Time, featuring the M&P as backup singers on 7 tracks (according to Collector's Choice). I noticed that two other tracks have backup singers that are not credited. The tracks in particular are "Upon a Painted Ocean" and I think also "Child of Our Times". Who are these uncredited backup singers? Were they originally going to do backup for the entire album? I would love to know the relative timing of recording these tracks. I am very pleased to have Barry's albums from the M&P era on CD. Ironically, "This Precious Time" is the only LP that I have signed by the artist - Barry McGuire. I suppose I could ask Barry, but as he lived through those years, his memory of them is suspect... lol.