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Papa Was A Rolling Stone

Postby carye63 » Thu May 15, 2008 7:56 am

Varese Vintage Records announces the release of John Phillips “Pussycat,” the never released album recorded with The Rolling Stones. This is the third release from our “Papa John Phillips Presents” series featuring John Phillips’ rare and unreleased solo and group work.

This project was the last major creative effort by John Phillips before his drug arrest in 1980. Various original and duplicate multitrack and mix tapes were stored, lost and found again, and some trickled out over the next three decades in the form of bootlegs. As John put it, the tapes “had a life force of their own!” Just before John’s passing in 2001, he assembled and released an overdubbed, re-engineered and remixed version of some of the shelved material on an album called “Pay, Pack and Follow,” (nine tracks) at the time unaware of the location of the album masters of the original 1978 mixes. Those original album masters were not found until 2003.

The original 1978 album mix is released here for the first time, so here, at last, is the album as John originally intended it (15 tracks).

Complete Track List:

1 Wilderness Of Love

2 2001

3 Oh Virginia

4 Mr. Blue

5 She’s Just 14

6 Zulu Warrior

7 Pussycat

8 Sunset Boulevard

9 Very Dread

10 Susan, Susan

Bonus Tracks:

11 Time Machine (Cutting Ahead)

12 Feather Your Nest

13 Don’t Turn Back Now (World’s Greatest Dancer)

14 Liar Liar
From "The Man Who Fell To Earth" sessions

15 Hello Mary Lou
From "The Man Who Fell To Earth" sessions

Known Musical Personnel:

Guitars: Keith Richards, Mick Taylor,
Chris Spedding, John Phillips

Bass: Ron Wood (London),
Keith Richards, David Wooford (NY)
Drums: Yogi Horton (NY)
Keyboards: Jean Rousell (London), John Phillips
String Arrangements: James Biondolillo
Percussion: Reebop Kwaku Baah, Ollie Brown
Vocals: John Phillips, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Michelle Phillips and Laura Mackenzie Phillips

Cary Mansfield
Vice President of Catalog A&R
Varese Sarabande Records

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