Cass live music question .....

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Cass live music question .....

Postby CassFanForLife » Mon Aug 08, 2011 6:57 am

During Cass' solo time, in all the times she played LIVE on her own in clubs, Vegas, London, etc.... besides performing her version of " MY LOVE ", were there any other Beatles, John /Paul solo stuff she performed her versions of ? The simple fact that she could take any genre of a song, whether original ( " Best Time Of My Life "), or a cover version and just make it her own, is a gift , not always mastered with success by tohers, but with her, that woman was destined to be blessed with that sacred gift of voice.....God Bless her :)
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Re: Cass live music question .....

Postby Nicole » Mon Aug 08, 2011 7:07 am

Hi Cassfan,
The only other Beatles, Lennon McCartney song that I can think of besides the ones you mentioned is "I Call Your Name", which Cass sang live with the group at the Monterey Pop festival. There may be others, I'm not sure. Hope this helps.
Take care,
Nicole :mrgreen:
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Re: Cass live music question .....

Postby glennc » Sat Aug 13, 2011 6:12 am

I don't know if it counts as LIVE but she sang "Here, There, and Everywhere" in a TV appearance once.
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