Give a Little Laughter--What happened?

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Give a Little Laughter--What happened?

Postby somebody groovy » Wed Aug 06, 2014 9:33 pm

So glad to be happy this website still exists! I'm back from a long absence, though I've changed my name...a few times. Initially I was initially Straight Shooter, then Midnight Voyager. Now I'm Somebody Groovy just because it sounds, well, so groovy!
While noodling around my local record store one day, I was astounded to discover that A Gathering of Flowers was released on CD! I gathered that one up quickly.I have not one, but two of the original boxed albums --one in better shape than the other. I even have a single 45 picture sleeve version (frustratingly I can't recall what's on it - it's been in storage on the other side of the country for several years, so I can't reference it. I think it featured interviews with John and Cass).

I was very excited to get the re-release of Don't Call Me Mama Anymore. The first CD release contained the bonus tracks Theme from L'amour, Listen to the World, and I Think a Lot About You. The prospect for more bonus tracks was so amazing.

Several questions:

Was the song Don't Make Me a Memory performed in her set list, but just not included on the album?

Are the songs and sequence of the album faithful to the shows she performed?

When and where did she record the medley of Make Your Own Kind of Music/ Dream a Little Dream of Me/New World Coming?

Give a Little Laughter was originally listed, but dropped from the album. What a cruel tease to get so excited about hearing an unknown/unheard gem then see it disappear. What is the story behind it?
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Re: Give a Little Laughter--What happened?

Postby Rbcsoup » Thu Aug 07, 2014 7:02 am

"Give A Little Laughter" appears on at least one Session sheet from the tracks laid down with Lew Merenstein and Benny Golson in 1972. In researching it for possible "rediscovery" and inclusion in this release, a tape with only the instrumentals was found, but sadly no vocals from Cass.

"Don't Make Me A Memory" and the "Hits Medley" are from the July 1973 performances at Mister Kelly's. Cass performed the Hits Medley again on her TV program in September 1973. Same arrangement.

As for the song order mirroring that of the nights at Mister Kelly's I am unsure and doubtful the album replicates things that exactly.

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