Project X & Scott McKenzie

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Project X & Scott McKenzie

Postby davidasix » Mon Jun 08, 2009 4:56 pm

Hi all,

Not knowing much about Project X and the involvement of Scott McKenzie, I ordered my 45 ("rare" promo copy) for a few bucks. Then I looked to see what info I could find on Project X.

We've read about the 45:
Got No Reason To Cry b/w That Ain't Love
Vanguard Records
45: VRS-35033
$10 - $15
As Project X - rare early collaboration with Erik Darling, Bill Svanoe, Pat Street and Susan Manchester.

I was surprised to find that Project X was a later incarnation of The Rooftop Singers. Moreover, the Project X tracks seem to have come out on CD and MP3, although I need to confirm it by ear myself:

I think they are here:

Got No Reason to Cry - (Recorded As Project X)

Comments "Within five years the trio had split up, though one final track on the "Visionaries" set (recorded, we're unhelpfully told, as "PROJECT X") suggests that Darling had the wherewithal to take a variation of the Rooftoppers into the electric age. After nine tracks of subtle acoustic pickin' and smooth vocals, "Got No Reason to Cry" is a surprise: the song's bellowing bluesy vocals (most likely provided by Taylor's short-term replacement, Mindy Stuart), pulsating organ and electric guitar definitely take Darling & friends into rockier territory."

That Ain't Love ... op_Singers

I also found another track here:
Don't You Think It's Fine-PROJECT X ... B001SZ28Q0

The comments for the album say, "Some of the more interesting people on these tracks are Scott McKenzie (yes,that Scott McKenzie),who along with the folk singer, Erik Darling,were part of the group PROJECT X."

So how many tracks did they record? Just 3? Well, that's better than 2.

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Re: Project X & Scott McKenzie

Postby Ars_Nova_Chris » Tue Jun 09, 2009 11:30 am

Ah, Erik Darling and Bill Svanoe, can't believe I didn't make the Rooftop Singers connection... great research, David!
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Re: Project X & Scott McKenzie

Postby Rbcsoup » Tue Jun 09, 2009 4:41 pm

I asked Scott to weigh in and reflect on Project X. Here's what he shares ~

Not much I can add to what the others posted, Richard. I remember Project X; I was a fan of Eric Darling's, and I was thrilled to work with him. Eric had taken Pete Seeger's place in The Weavers.

We had a real blast. Eric was possessed of an almost eerie, dry sense of humor, not to mention an extraordinary rhythmic skill with 12-string guitar and banjo. The last time I saw Eric was in Pittsburgh at a PBS TV fundraiser in 2002. He had driven all the way from Santa Fe (or was it Taos?) because of his phobia of flying. Eric died last year. An authentic and absolute eccentric to the end.

What a world;o).
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