What's In Your Collection?

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What's In Your Collection?

Postby Ars_Nova_Chris » Tue Feb 17, 2009 6:40 pm

What rare or uncommon M&P's related items does everyone have in their collection? I've never had the extra cash to get a hold of too many, but I do have some-

*The "Touring with the Mamas and the Papas" issue of the Saturday Evening Post (March 25, 1967)
*DVD copy of the Danny Kaye episode with the Big 3 performing "Rider" (good quality)
*DVD copy of the second Hootenanny episode to feature the Journeymen (not so good, but watchable quality)
*The Mama's and the Papa's Souvenir Song Album 'Eyes and Ears' songbook from Keys Pops
*Deliver songbook from Keys Pops
*Dancing Bear b/w John's Music Box picture sleeve 45
*Scott's Holy Man b/w What's the Difference Chapter III 45
*Some of the less common LP's (All three from the Journeymen, The Halifax Three's first record, The Mugwumps, A Gathering of Flowers, Wolfking, Watcha Gonna Do, Victim of Romance)

I used to have a cassette copy of the Big 3 Guest Star Treasury record and VHS copies of the complete Rodgers and Hart Special, the expanded Behind the Music and the Rock Family Trees documentary, but they came up missing a few years ago :(

A few things I just won on Ebay are in the mail on their way here!
*the Smoothies Softly b/w Joanie 45
*Michelle's No Love Today promo picture sleeve 45
*Dick Weissman's Capitol LP Things That Trouble My Mind
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